08/09 Wrap-Up


With the last week of classes, we’re coming close to summer and a decent break.  GCC will stay active over the summer, but won’t have as many events most likely.  We’ll try to put together a few meetings over the next few months and will definitely have an online meeting in some form (irc, other…).  There are still projects that will continue in the summer, and I anticipate a lot of progress will be made with them.  One of those is the “Urban Outbreak” (zombie game), and Alfred is still open for a few helpers, especially artists.


We’d like to especially thank the Garys from CORGS for inviting us to their first annual CORGS convention.  They were great hosts and the event was a great success.  A lot of vendors were there with great retro gear, games, memorabilia, and more.  Various media establishments were there including the Lantern and NBC4.  GCC will probably be in the CORGS article of the Lantern coming out this week (wed).  We met a lot of great people and hope some of them turn out to be great partnerships/relationships.  The booth next to us were the guys from http://untamedgamer.com.  If you’re unfamiliar with them, they review games and have a great community type setup where you can submit requests for game reviews, comments, and more.

Indie Game Competition Winners

CORGS held an indie game competition at the convention and we submitted the games from the last challenge on behalf of the makers.  The categories were: best retro game, best modern game, and best creative game.  The judges were a few of the vendors/etc including myself and untamedgamer.  Congratulations to the winners!  We’ll arrange to get you your certificates soon.

Best Creative Game: “Particle Game” Aaron and Autumn Ryan
Best Retro Game: “Dodge” – Wei-Cheng Tang
Best Modern Game: “Particle Game” Aaron and Autumn Ryan

Upcoming Events

This week is a pretty exciting week for gamers in Columbus.  First is E3 June 2-4, which will be covered by g4tv and have streaming coverage on their site as well.  The next is the MLG 2009 Pro Circuit’s stop here in Columbus.  June 5-7 in the Columbus Convention Center, will bring in mlg pros from around the country (including Ohio’s Ogre1 & 2) for competitions in WoW, Halo 3, and GoW.   Get a spectator pass which includes an awesome level of access, chances to jump into side competitions, and more for only $20 total for a 3 day package!  Check out the website for details.

The next GCC events will be posted and are still being planned.  The IGDA meetings are in limbo right now along with the game jam.  We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as we know more.  We’re also not sure if we’ll have a final GCC meeting before the end of Spring quarter or not.  These next 2 weeks will be busy for everyone, and once they’re over many leave for home.  Again, we’ll keep everyone posted.