1/30/09 Updates

We had an irc meeting this past week.  Not many people showed up in the channel.  We had a lot of great announcements.  The full chat log can be found in the forums(will be posted 1/31/09).  Here is a summary of what we covered:

Upcoming Events:

“Developing Video Games: Where to Start” Knowlton Hall Auditorium (room 250) 2/12/09 @ 7:00pm= GCC is bringing in Ian Schreiber to speak about the games industry.  He will cover these topics: how the industry works, various jobs in creating games, how to break-in to the industry, how to make a student game, faqs/advice.  There will be pizza, drinks, games, and fun!  The beginning of the event will have a sort of social mingling.  Come join the fun!

Next Meeting = this coming week February 4th, 2009, @ 6:45pm, location: Scott Lab [SO-054]


If you don’t yet want to or don’t have the time etc etc…. Build a game on paper.  Draw out the design, think through whatever aspects your experience allows you to work on.  If you are a programmer, plan out how you would program it all, how everything interacts, etc.  If you are an artist, think of the characters, environment, vehicles, weapons, interface, etc and draw up some concept art.  After all this, you may have the urge to move another step and begin to build this game you’ve designed/planned.  Make sure you then post all of this to our forums so that everyone can see your work (including industry recruiters) and maybe invite others to join in on your project.

Tank Game: We’ve already begun the restoration process with Morgan.  Basically, the existing code may need to be trashed.  Morgan will be going over the options next meeting.  So far we’ve had a lot of interest in bringing this back to life.

GameMaker: A platform shooter. (see Tory’s post in the forums)

New Meeting Structure:

We have developed a new meeting structure that will benefit us all!  The first section will be devoted to a relaxed social atmosphere with food, drinks, games, and mingling.  Come have some fun with us and meet new people.  Make friends and begin to learn everyone else’s skill sets and interests so that eventually everyone can start working together on projects.  The food will not be extensive every meeting.  We plan on having snacks for most, and pizza or other foods for the last meeting of every month. The next section will be comprised of our news and updates.  This part is what our old meetings were entirely comprised of.  Can you say boring?  This time it will be a quick section so we can get to the next section: demos/trainings/presentations.  These will be from various people including members just like you, officers, and other speakers.  The presentations will be of projects, how-to sessions, or other informational bits.  It will be a great chance for everyone to learn new skills.

Active Member Benefits:

Those who are active in the club each quarter will receive benefits.  These benefits will vary as they are available.  One known benefit coming very soon, will be some form of access to gamefly game rentals. Another benefit will be a status title.  We are working on a system to manage your status on our website and display it accordingly.  Theses will be titles such as: active working on a project, open for new projects, swamped-too busy for anything, dormant-lost communication.  This status will help employers to gauge your activity as well as other members to see who is open for what projects.  Other benefits will also be available.

Introducing Our New Officers:

I don’t think we have ever done this yet.  We want to thank all of our new officers for their service to our club.  With their help, GCC will be able to grow faster and stronger.  Many Thanks!

Mike Shah: Treasurer, James Jang: Member’s Coordinator, Bree Hemeyer: Resource Director

As our officers get acquainted with the GCC system, new policies and record keeping will take place.  Some of these have already begun as James is compiling a member’s database.  You have already noticed this since he sent out an email to everyone on our yahoo mailing list, and soon we will be sending another out to the wordpress users too.

Introducing New Members:

Tory and Kate were both new to GCC as they attended our IRC meeting this past Thursday.  We welcome them and can’t wait to see them jump into the action.  A reminder to them and all those new to GCC to not hesitate to speak out.  Speak out about what you want to see/do/etc, what you think we are doing wrong, if you have any questions, if you are available for a project, or have a project idea.