2-11-13 Meeting Aftermath

– Yesterday, Ben (OSU’s Microsoft Student Evangelist) spoke to the club about making Windows 8 apps. Some past promotions still stand – in particular, the one where you can get $100 for every app you get on the Windows 8 Store (up to 5 for a total of $500). This promotion lasts through the year. Ben had a deal for our club, which we unanimously accepted: the club would try to put out Windows 8 apps (which can be made in HTML5, C++, and C#, among other languages). Of course, if you don’t think it’s for you, you don’t have to do it. In exchange, we will have food at our meetings each week, provided by Ben. Plus, he spoke of an offer where interested candidates could apply for a $15 per hour job designing Windows 8 apps. See Ben at one of the meetings (I’ll assume he’ll be at them from now on) to get more details on that. For more details on Windows 8 Apps in general, you can either contact Ben or myself. I will probably, in the near future, come out with a tutorial on how to make and publish an app to the app store, specifically and HTML5 app (which I have already done – it’s not a game but the same principles apply).

– While not 100% confirmed (at least as I understand it), we have a gamedev studio interested in coming to next week’s meeting, so you should definitely come to that.