2/18/13 Meeting Aftermath

Phil Peer from Dioram, a Columbus gamedev studio, came to present what he was working on. He focuses on shading and detail within games, so 2D games have an element of 3D-ness to them. He used Donkey Kong Country as an example (even though that was actually 3D). Check out his stuff if you’re interested.


Next week, Jun has committed to a AS3 tutorial on tile-based RPGs, so look forward to that.

Lastly, apologies to anyone who has found themselves locked out of Hopkins for these meetings. We are considering changing meeting locations, and will update you when/if anything’s decided. But for now, we’re still in Hopkins, so three tips:

1) Try more than one door. Sometimes the door on the oval-side may be unlocked when the doors on the back aren’t (and maybe vice versa).
2) Come early. From what I’ve seen so far, the doors seem to close at about 7:30, which is when the meetings start.
3) You are free to text me if you cannot get in (see the relevant post), and one of us will let you in.