Since I completely forgot about announcements at tonight’s meeting, I’m going to lay them out here:

– Remember to check/add yourself to the Looking For Group list (! Half of the people put on that list have already found partners/groups! Be proactive and find somebody to work with!
– The US/Canada stretch of the Zero Hour Game Jam takes place Sunday morning at 2 AM when the clocks change. It’s one furious hour of game-making! If anyone wants to work with, alongside, or against me, let me know so I can arrange a meeting place for the Jam time! For more, see
– The tutorial from tonight’s meeting is now up, hopefully error-free.
– BuckeyeLAN is sneaking up fast. Remember to sign up on the website:
– Next’s week’s tutorial will be something a bit different, the details of which I am not sure of yet… stay tuned.