Bulletin Board

We now have a working BBS. It is integrated with this wordpress install, so you should have the same user name and passwords. I think that there is a plugin to facilitate single logons and if so I’ll have that working next week.

The link is on the top right of the header. Go, enjoy the forums. And email me, or post any problems.

5 thoughts on “Bulletin Board”

  1. I can’t seem to log in… it says that the username does not exist.
    What I wanted to post was that we should look into the post expire option… I was thinking for the main page that the posts “expire” from the main page after a certain length of time or if the main page reaches a certain post limit that the oldest posts will “expire” But they will not be deleted…simply moved into an archive. Would clean things up a bit, make loading faster, and reduce the length of the main page. This would also be a great organizational tool to find older posts faster in the archive.

  2. yeah …. what keeps happening is it says username does not exist and it puts my name together(takes out the space) so maybe for some reason its not reading the space

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