Calling all members!

Hey!!! What’s going on? Was gonna do this over the forums but I think in the front page would pop out more. So I’m getting some work poured on me with 757 and 680 but using my free time (except Friday nights and times I put aside to lose the gut) to get my feet wet on some Maya and more coding. All this to build up that portfolio.

There’s still the Java tank game that needs some work, although if you want to do other stuff, I was thinking of a few ideas for stuff you guys can think of to do that will give you a boost and stuff to show if you’re interested in the gaming industry:

1) Get yourselves into some graphics/game engines or other API:

A great way to show your ability to learn as well as adapt to already built engines is, of course, practice. Just to name a few: Ogre (C++, Perl, Basic, Java, Python, and Ruby), XNA (C#), JMonkey (Java). Or if graphics is not your flavor, try some physics engines (ODE, Havoc, etc.). Anything to get yourself to work with APIs, remember, in any field in Computer Science you end up most likely you’ll be building upon something rather then creating by scratch, get in the habbit of learning to adapt.

2) Learn a new language!

Spanish, German, Japanese, l33t, anyone of those! But steering back on topic, get your feet wet in some real-world languages (especially if you are stuck or just escaped RESOLVE). C++, Java, C# are biggies but another thing that the industry is looking for is knowledge in scripting languages such as Perl and Python to name two.

3) 3D modeling:

Like I said above, I am trying out some 3D modeling (as well as trying to learn to be a better drawer on paper), and if you know me I ain’t an art guy in anyway. That don’t mean it will stop me, I can draw circles and squares pretty good in the few amount of time I have with Maya, but the overall goal is to be able to make models for importing. ACCAD has the programs for ya, you all should have account access if you’ve been in the group for long.

4) For the real brave, create a whole new engine:


There are, of course, other things you can do over this long summer to keep yourself busy and interested in the gaming industry, but having the motivation to actually do them is what will get you far. Despite having other work, finding the time to improve your skills will go a long way.

I am gonna get on and work on some stuff on the side (perhaps start on that space-flight game I always wanted to do) and anyone interested in helping out, or perhaps throwing out other ideas of projects they want to do, or continue on the Java tank game and help Alfred and Morgan out on that come alone and post here:

Also, just post what you guys been up to during the summer, and if anyone interested in LANing or got a 360, throw out your screennames so I can throughly pwn each and everyone of you!