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Meeting times and dates

Hello! I’m excited to announce that we have our meeting times and dates for Fall semester! Those have been added to the calendar, along with dates pertaining to elections and the customary End Of Semester Celebration.

The first meeting will be August 28th at 7 PM in Hopkins Hall 354 (same place as Spring). Meetings will be weekly, same time, same place.


Wow… it’s actually kind of scary to see the Involvement Fair looming on the calendar, only one week away from today.

The Involvement Fair will be on Monday from 4 to 8 PM. If you want to stay a while during the fair and help be a Game Creation Club representative for any significant length of time, that would be GREAT. Please contact me if you’re interested – we’d love the help! We’re even supposed to be getting chairs this time for the tables! Chairs!

Meeting times and locations are not yet determined. As soon as we know what we’re doing, we’ll make sure that you know too. We will try to have weekly Tuesday night meetings again this semester.


sketch|fall+ was posted to Newgrounds just now. If you remember the original from the ingenious Zero Hour Game Jam, you’ll be happy to know that it’s been given an upgrade that gives it more justice than a game that was created in a single hour. It now includes powerups, parachuters, more variety in avoiding objects, Newgrounds medals, a scoreboard, and more!

Two games and a WP app in two days – nice!

GCC Windows Phone App

Greetings! RJ has done us a great service by making a Windows Phone app for the GCC website. As one for the Buckeye Pokemon League was released recently as well, I’ll just copy-paste that post and change it up a little.


Some of you might be happy to know that there is now a GCC Windows Phone app, made by RJ. I asked him to talk about it:

Ummm…. I don’t really know what to say… it just takes the news posts from the website and that’s about it haha. Oh, you can comment on things. And the contact link emails you.

The app syndicates the news posts from the front page. You can also add comments as a guest (may be subject to review before being put on the site for anti-spam purposes).

At this point, you’re probably wondering about iPhone and Android. Not anytime soon, unfortunately. We answered that:

RJ: The rest of you can tell Apple and Google to give me a free phone for making apps, because that’s what Microsoft did They’re actually making it really easy for new developers to get on board. I’ll probably move onto Android eventually, since last time I checked Apple required you to have a Mac to develop for iOS. This is but a starting point on my epic quest to take over the world with my internetified programification!!!1!1one

Brian: Windows Phone was indeed the easiest. Both Apple and Google require actual money to be paid to become developers ($25 dollars for Google and $100 for Apple, even if the apps are free). Windows is currently free for students. Windows Phone also did have the promotion where students could build two apps and get a free Windows Phone.

A similar app is also reportedly on the way for BuckeyeLAN.

Download the app:

Skill Mini Golf: Egypt

Double post. Make sure to read the below post about our Steam and LinkedIN groups.

New games typically deserve their own posts, and this one is not any different. Jon released his follow-up to Aztec Golf, Skill Mini Golf: Egypt. The game runs on what is substantially the same engine, but with improved physics, a new theme, and 18 new minigolf holes. Play it today!