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Aztec Golf and the Summer Challenge

First off, Aztec Golf by Jon Sandacz is now up on the Games page. It’s a themed minigolf game with 18 holes and leaderboards. Check it out, it’s pretty entertaining. Kinda reminds me of those minigolf games I used to play in high school computer classes 😛

In other news, the GCC Summer Challenge is going to kick off in 1-2 weeks. The challenge is making a game between June 8th to July 31st. At exactly midnight on June 7th, the challenge start time, a post containing the challenge’s them will appear (it’s scheduled in advance). All games must adhere to that theme, whatever it will be. You’ll also have some optional goals to go for if you wish to do so. A complete list of rules will appear with the post.

News bits

Gratz to RJ for making an app at the Nokia Hackathon today. Something which I didn’t manage to do quite as well 😛

There’s only three weeks left in the quarter. That means three weeks left to earn more GCC Points. There’s still enough time to earn more by attending meetings, events like the ACCAD open house and BuckeyeLAN, and by doing extra things such as writing site articles, creating games, or making presentations. See the GCC Points page (under the About tab) for more info. The person with the most points gets a nice little package with some swag from PAX East noted on the GCC Points page and maybe a few unannounced extras on top of that…

The source for XNA squares is up on the tutorials page! With this, you can now study what is substantially the same game in AS3, XNA, and Python. The XNA build has controller support. Because XNA can do that.

Finally, I am planning to tone down Facebook and Twitter news a bit, so keep an eye on the site (which you should be doing anyway).

Hackathon registration closed

We’ve just gotten word that registration for the Nokia hackathon next weekend is now closed.

GCC Points will be given out at the event like so: I will have a sign-in sheet at the beginning and at the end of the event. For each one you sign, you get 5 points (for a total of 10). You must have a ticket for the event to get the points. BuckeyeLAN, the weekend afterward, will work similarly (with one sign-in sheet in the early afternoon and one sign-in sheet in the late evening, but not necessarily at the beginning and end of the event. You must be a registered participant to get points).

Constitution reminder

At this week’s meeting, we will be voting on the new Constitution for semesters. This will take place after the presentation (which probably won’t even take 30 minutes).

To view the proposed Constitution (and see it compared to the old one), look here.

4-10-12 Meeting Aftermath

First of all, GCC points are up to date as of tonight’s meeting. See where you stand on the GCC points page.

Tonight’s languages presentation is here:

Source code for the Squares game in both AS3 and Python are up on the Tutorials page: . Note that they have minor differences between them, but it’s more or less the same. XNA coming soon.

To-do list (more for my reference than for anything else right now):

Port Squares to C#, upload source.
Advertise Constitution changes. Next week will likely be the voting week.
Advertise Ludum Dare 23. A lot.
Decide, prepare next week’s presentation (most likely internet resources, it was the next one planned).