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Information, Bullitens or ortherwise, that pertains to our meetings.

CSE Capstone Presentations + OGDE

As mentioned in yesterday’s GCC meeting, the CSE Capstone Presentations are tomorrow from 3:30 to about 5:00 PM on the 8th floor of Dreese, most likely the lounge. You will get to see and play games created by students, including Spellements, which was shown at meetings the past two weeks (and occasionally before that too). It’s open to the public, so grab your friends and come on down! I’d get bored otherwise.

Also: The Ohio Game Dev Expo is THIS SATURDAY! Get your Speaker Series pass today – it’s $15 early, $20 at the door.

You do not need a pass to hang out and see everything in the showcase, or to network with others. The money is just for the speakers and panels. Again, the OGDE is right here at the Ohio Union, so we hope to see you all there!

Election Results

At the end of nominations, we have exactly one nominee per position, so elections are unnecessary. Introducing your 2014 officers!

President: Zach Atwood
Vice President: Nicholas Leight
Treasurer: Greg Petroff
Webmaster: Benjamin Stammen

The new officers will be trained through the first half of 2014. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up!

2014 GCC Elections

It’s that time again! Starting tonight, nominations for positions for the 2014 year will begin, and elections will begin next week. What can you run for, you ask? Four positions are up for grabs.

President – The face of the club. Is in charge of virtually everything (or, at the very least, delegating everything).

Vice President – Helps the president with any duties needed. Directs contests and opportunities for member development.

Treasurer – Handles money and logistics for events.

Webmaster – Manages this website, and adds/removes/moves/upgrades stuff as seen fit.

For a greater description of the above roles, check out our club’s constitution at:

You will be trained under the current leadership for most of Spring. You may nominate yourself, or somebody else. If you nominate somebody else, that somebody must accept your nomination to officially be in the running. All candidates may have the opportunity to give a short speech at the 11/25/13 meeting.

Lastly, you may either nominate somebody at tonight’s meeting, the BEGINNING of the 11/25/13 meeting, or online in this forum topic.

International Games Day

The Thompson Library will be hosting a day of games and learning about games this Thursday. I’m not clear on the purpose of the day, but it seems to have an educational game bent to it. The CSE gaming capstone class is actually meeting there for that day. It’s free, and there’s speakers and panels throughout the day. Definitely something to look at if you have the time.