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For issues, upgrades, features, etc. that invlolves the server for GCC.

GCC & ACCAD | End of Wi09

Today Jorge, Pete, Morgan, and I (Jim) met with David Bertram and Maria Palazzi at ACCAD.  David is the systems administrator and handles everything with the ACCAD network, servers, etc.  Maria is the director of ACCAD.  The meeting was about formalizing our relations with ACCAD and clearing up some issues with our server which is located there at ACCAD.  A lot of what we discussed would not be of any interest to any of you except for a few things.  One of which is that we have decided on changing our url address.  Our current address is hard to remember off the top of your head for the first time and thus is a hinderance to marketing our club.  A shorter and more easily remembered url will be better.  This is where you all can give your input.  Head on over to the forums to post any ideas you have for what our new url should be and vote on some of the ones we are primarily looking at (,,,,, …).


The end of the quarter is approaching as you all know.  What better way to end winter quarter and bring in spring quarter, than with a GCC contest and development event!  Over spring break we will be holding a few different game development events.  We will have one contest which will begin at the beginning of spring break and end the Saturday at the end of spring break.  The details are not finalized yet but we do know that it will be of similar format to the fall xna contest, except that we are leaning towards leaving the game development platform open.  (not restricted to just xna or other languages).  We do highly recommend using a platform such as Game Maker, Pygame, or Flash.  Start looking around for your teammates and think of features you would want for your game.  We will have a couple themes to choose from as a requirement for the contest just like the fall event.  All of these details and other things will be talked about at our final winter quarter meeting on Wednesday March 16th in the same room Scott Lab 245, and same time of 6:45pm.  We will have some extra food this time for the meeting, most likely including pizza!

Code Commit RSS feed now up

I’ve gotten a RSS feed linked up to our SVN repo, that will update the feed with out commits. This means that any commit messages you put will be public now, and I have also made it so they are displayed on this front page.

This is the link to the rss feed, and the title of the feed widget on the sidebar is also a link to the feed.

It still might have a few bugs to work out, but it is a nice tool to let you know when people make updates, and to what they made them.

Site Update Issues – Layout/design/theme changes

We are having a few issues while updating the site to the newest version of wordpress. This includes the layout/design/theme of the website. We hope to have the problems addressed soon. However we also lost previously uploaded content on the site including some chat logs and images. Again, we are working to have the issues fixed soon.

Also the forums link is no longer on the website, so here is a link: Forums


I’ve gone and updated both wordpress and bbress. They are good updates, and add a lot of good features, and fix a lot of little things. With upgrades though there are always problems. The main problem being that the new version of bbpress doesn’t like the old theme Jim and I made, so that I going to have to be addressed. It will ook like the default for a while though, so bare with us.

There is a couple of neat things about both that people could start using now. You can have traveling avatars, through a free service called Gravatar. This works for comments on wordpress and all forum related posts.

WordPress now has a better ability to post videos, and both have better admin panels. The upgrades also should make a better backend tie-in between the two products.

Upfront notification of possible problems

I upgraded the wordpress backend today, and all went smoothly. That is until I tried updating my SVN project. I found that my credentials didn’t validate against the mysql database like they should have, so I did some digging. I found that the new version switched from md5 hashing to phppass, hence the problem.

I found a plugin that switched this back, since I didn’t find any documentation that would allow AuthMySQL to take in phppass hashing. So if you experience any troble with logging into the SVN repo, log into the main site (not the forums), and it should reset you pass back to md5, making everything alright again.