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For issues, upgrades, features, etc. that invlolves the server for GCC.

New Access to SVN repos

After a few hours of struggle, I have finally connected the repo authorization to our wordpress user names and passwords.  This is good because now when people make commits, they will not only have a log they specify, but also who made the change will be recorded. It also lets, me, the admin not need to know or see or even manage people’s credentials.

To access the source now can be done through the web at a very basic level, but thats not important.  How you should use the source control hasn’t changed much though, only the link has, which is now:

The only other change being that now you will need to give your login name and password to this site to recieve access.  Note that from now on all the projects will be located at:<project name>

Thats is it. Let me know if anyone has problems.

Some additions to have made

The purpose of this site is to let everyone have a opportunity to participate. Lurk if you feel the need, but any input or suggestion or a simple salutation is a sign that people are actively interested in what we are doing. I want to make this whole site/group better, and better able to work together in many different ways. I want to make some changes to our system, and to add some tools to our site suite. Some ideas of things that I want and I think would be useful for everyone are:

  • Task assignment list
  • More information on our projects
  • Listing of the groups leadership hierarchy
  • List of technologies we use (perhaps a tool suite)
  • Thank you page and any affiliations
  • Well thought out coding style and project process
  • Some tutorials, and getting started help
  • Help wanted section
  • Project calender
  • IRC channel
  • Wiki

Feel free to tell me what more we should do, or if anything here if useless. I was also thinking of adding a project managment portal, and thats a list of some FOSS versions that I’ve found. I also want to perhaps start some more online activities to generate a more robust community.

Any time you want to talk about GCC related things, post them here or in the BBS. I want questions and discussions to be public, and searchable. This enables more people to be in the know about whats going on and to also learn how we do things. I would like to bring back the weekly online internet chats. It seemed that that was good way for people to interact. If/When I get an IRC channel up, I’ll most likely be a constant in the room, and if a few other people would also agree to man the chat room, we could possibly branch out more easily since newcomers would have a fast and easy way to directly communicate with members.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Problems Solved

There were two large problems:

  • User names with spaces in them weren’t working with bbpress
  • Registration emails were not being sent out

I’ve fixed both of those with new plug-ins, and so they should now both work. If you have any problems say so, or email

Bulletin Board

We now have a working BBS. It is integrated with this wordpress install, so you should have the same user name and passwords. I think that there is a plugin to facilitate single logons and if so I’ll have that working next week.

The link is on the top right of the header. Go, enjoy the forums. And email me, or post any problems.

We’re up and running

This is the new site for the Game Creation Club. It is a wordpress blog, that will be modified to tie in to the Subversion server, in that it will add your username and password to the list of accepted users.

There will be pages at the side (or top?) that will give more information. Soon too I think that I will have found a nice BBS, that will help with long term discussions.

Lemmie know what you think.