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Tetris files uploaded

Today I uploaded :

  • the updated tetris image files. There are several file formats for you to choose from.
  • template for the layout of the tetris game window so that whoever wants to make a theme can do so. However everything that you see in the file must stay exactly where it is and keep its shape/size except for the text and the gcc logo.
  • temp block files
  • intro flash animation tests

Meeting reminder, and a nice OpenAL tutorial

Hey just a reminder that the meeting today will be at 4 pm rather then 6 pm.

For those that were checking out the OpenAL audio engine that Dan mentioned here’s a very nice tutorial to get you started: and (warning the coding was written for MacOS but the author mentions Windows and Linux code).

If you have seen the programmer’s guide in the OpenAL site, you would see that the guide is missing a bit of information in the exact initialization so these 2 tutorials will help out on that.

Also if you guys have any code or tips you’d like to give out, post them in the BSS here: OpenAL