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Next Meeting & Quick Update

7PM Wednesday Meeting: >>> McPherson room 2019

It is short notice, but we are having our next meeting this Wednesday evening starting at 7pm and ending at 8pm.  (Yes, the first time we are implementing a set ending time for our meetings…but not the last)  The location is still being selected but we will edit this post and update necessary event postings when we have the location.  Everyone should plan to attend this meeting unless you have a conflicting schedule.  In the event you cannot make this meeting, we will post all relevant information in our meeting logs as usual.

Website Updates:

Some of you might have noticed a slight change on our website…. Continue reading Next Meeting & Quick Update

New Theme is Live!

Website: Awesome, after quite a while in development we finally have the new theme live.  The theme is not finished yet however as there are some places where we missed some color changes as you will notice some links or other text may be awkward colors, or some other strange happenings will occur while browsing the site.  In addition to the facelift, there will eventually be changes regarding member’s pages and project’s pages.  We’ll keep everyone updated as need be.

Open Positions: We hope to get things rolling soon with the tank game once again as well as some other things.  In the meantime we are still eagerly waiting for a new treasurer and social coordinator.  Please ask your friends if they want to join no matter what their major is.  These positions will look great on a resume and provide great experience.  In addition to these positions there are opportunities for other positions to open as we see fit, or as you suggest.  So again, if you know anyone interested in a the club in general and any others that would like to help us out in these positions, let us know.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to fill these positions before October this year.  In order to continue as an official OSU student organization we must at least have an active treasurer.  Alrighty, I hope everyone gets the picture and can help out just by asking around.  Hope everyone’s summers have been good to you and continue to do so.

Website Updates

We will be doing some updates over the next couples days to the website’s appearance.  You may come across our site without any images, or otherwise discombobulated.  Yes, discombobulated.  Sorry for any inconveniences you may have during these updates.