First Meeting and Giant Wall of Text Update


Welcome Back Everyone!  We hope everyone is getting along well with their classes.  We were at the Student Involvement Fair this year and we had a lot of new faces stop by.  Whom we hope to see again at our first meeting which will be Tuesday OR Thursday next week at 7pm in ACCAD (Tuesday September 30th and Thursday October 2nd).  There are two OPTIONS . . . Go to one or the other.  You do not need to attend both.  We just decided that it might be easier for some to have two options in case of time conflicts.  We will be going over who we are for new members and will be showcasing a couple games that we have made both last year and over the summer. Existing members are encouraged to attend in order to meet new faces and let everyone know how awesome we are!! 🙂

Prospective Members

For those of you who are coming to the Game Creation Club for the first time, we want to give you a special welcome.  We hope you come to our first meeting and really want to let you all know, that this club is extremely student friendly.  When I say this, I mean that we understand everyone has their own lives along with school to deal with and as such our club is built so that you do not have to commit to the club itself per se.  You merely need to commit to whichever assignment/position you take on for yourself in whichever project group you end up working in/with.  If you know you will be too busy to put forth consistent reliable effort, please let the other members of your group know this and try to work something out with them.

In another way we are student friendly, is that we do not have any dues whatsoever! Free resources, free forums, and free community!  There will be charges for events and t-shirts and such…but that is completely understandable since we can’t actually do everything for free.

So take a load off of your shoulders, don’t worry about making a huge decision on whether to join the club or follow it.  It should be an easy choice.  If you are interested in building games, building your portfolio/resume, or just enjoying a club dedicated to your interests, you should join and hang around our website!  If anyone has any questions feel free to post them on the forums or email us at

IGDA – International Game Developer’s Association

We have been accepted into this awesome association and recognized nationally as a student game development club!  This amazing status will get our club and members noticed by various developer’s, companies, and more around the country and even the world!  Along with the attention we will also receive other various benefits such as discounts on books and other swag available through the IGDA.  As part of the deal with being a member at IGDA we also really need to promote more members to get memberships with the IGDA.  I personally really recommend getting a membership anyway if you are at all serious about going into the game industry.  Student discounted memberships are only $30 per year and you get all sorts of great benefits…a lot of the same benefits as the club but also disount admission to the Game Developer’s Conference and other awesome events.


We have received our first small sponsorship! has contacted us and is going to be sponsoring us in return for the small favor of placing a link on our website (which has been up for some time now).  We can’t wait to see what will come of the sponsorship and hope to see many more coming.

Connections, connections, and more connections….

As everyone can see, GCC is branching out like nasty vines, except not so nasty.  We are in the middle of getting as many connections as we can so that our club will continue to grow and become more known.  The above connections have already been stated (ugo, igda), and many already know about ACCAD connections and a growing one with CSE through Jorge.  However, we are also working hard to better and officially establish a relationship with ACCAD so that we can stop dancing around their feet and work in concert.  We will keep you updated on that when we know more, but there are even more people we are reaching out to.  There are other organizations here at OSU that may be able to help us out with campus events among other things.  A few weeks ago I posted info about the CGL having Back2School battles…well there is a chapter here at OSU called the OSU College Gaming League Chapter.  This group may be working with us more to put on events and we will hopefully be helping each other out with membership and getting the word out on campus about the game clubs at OSU.  In addition to OSU-CGLC we are looking into the opensource club.  So keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this.


So this is the end of this massive update but check back often for more frequent updates this quarter and again we hope to see everyone at one of the meetings.

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