GAME.minder Expo

Looking for something cool to do over Spring Break? Are you in the Northeastern Ohio area for the week or can easily get there? Then come to the GAME.minder Expo this coming Saturday on March 16th. Described as part PAX, part GDC, and part IndieCade, the expo, held near Cleveland in Shaker Heights, will feature showcases and demos by local developers, multiple panels during the day, a showing of the documentary ‘Minecraft: The Story of Mojang’ and several familiar faces such as the expo’s keynote speaker Ian Schreiber, who has paid the GCC several visits throughout the years at general meetings and the Global Game Jams, Steve Castro from Click Shake Games, who is also behindĀ, and… um, me? No, I’m not giving a panel like Ian and Steve, but I’m planning on attending. And you should too, if possible.

Best of all? It’s FREEEEEEEEEE! Make sure to register in advance though, people tend to like it when you do that.

If you live roughly between Akron and Shaker Heights and should need a ride, give me the heads up and I’ll see what I can do.