GCC Screenshot Saturday – 3/16/13

Screenshot Saturday is a weekly feature where we share screenshots from in-progress or recently-released GCC games. We share the pictures both on the website and on Twitter under the #screenshotsaturday hashtag which many other devs take part in. To submit screenshots to be featured, see this forum thread.

Some of the problems mentioned previously with the game are getting better, mainly the frame rate for large levels. Backgrounds also animate properly now too. Collision detection is getting better, but still not up to par. I came up with a solution today for animated tiles, which I’ll try implementing soon. And while you obviously can’t tell from a screenshot, I found some music for most of the levels in the game today. This picture has Jack exploring an underground building. There’s a new level progress indicator up top. The GAME.minder Expo today restored my motivation a bit, so I thank them for that 😛

One thought on “GCC Screenshot Saturday – 3/16/13”

  1. We have a buddy who will not be named in this club, and we promised him we would give him a shout out. Here it is.

    Btw we we’re game coders once.. when our lives were so much simpler. Keep it going. This is cool stuff.

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