GCC Screenshot Saturday

EDIT: Since this is still the first post, I’ll go ahead and use this space for the first Screenshot Saturday. For the first round, there’s only one screenshot, but hopefully others will join us soon enough. This screeenshot is from Jack’s Run, a platformer from myself, my brother, and others to be released perhaps around the middle of the year. This is the only screenshot available right now (and may be for some time) as the engine is currently undergoing a rewrite.

Jack's Run


One thing you may have noticed if you follow a lot of game developers on Twitter (like we do) is that one of the things indies do is Screenshot Saturday, where devs post the latest screenshot(s) of their in-progress games or tech demos. Sound interesting? To participate, post up a screenshot of your game in relevant topic in the new forums and we’ll share it both here on the main page and on Twitter on the next Saturday. So remember, get some screenshots ready of your in-progress games, no matter how far along they are.