GCC Summer Challenge Achievements and Rules

These are the achievements and rules for the GCC Summer Challenge that starts Friday, posted now so you can get a look at them early.

– Audiovisual (Create a game that uses sound and graphics that respond to player’s actions. Some examples would be Lumines or any game in the BIT.TRIP series
– Massively Multiplayer Game Creation Club (Include some form of online functionality in your game. It may be as simple as high scores or Facebook integration or as complex as true multiplayer. Go above and beyond by implementing your own system – not using existing APIs like Mochi or Newgrounds)
– Taking LD23 Literally (Create a game that has a screen size no bigger than 200×200 px)
– World In Motion (Use motion control in your game. Kinect, Wii Remote, Webcam, etc.)
– Silence Is Golden (The game includes no text. Not even in-game objects arranged to form text.)
– Going Old-School (The game uses no more than 8 colors)
– You Had To Be There (Incorporate an additional theme, Koalas, into your game.)
– The Originality Award (Not declared. Given out by the judges if they see a game mechanic that has never been used before, or none too often.)

-All games are due by the end of July 31st. Submit it to gamecreationclub at yahoo dot com. If this is not possible (large file size, email can’t send .exe’s, etc.), send an email explaining why and we’ll talk about how to make it work.
– Any programming languages and tools can be used to create the game.
– You may participate alone or as a team. There is no limit on the amount of games that one person can participate in making for the challenge.
– All work must be done between June 8th and July 31st.
– You can take existing code, art, music, etc. from other sources, provided you have the license to use them. If required, make sure you credit the proper people!
– When you submit your game, you must specify what achievements you are going for, if any, except for the Originality Award (which is given out by the judges).
– All games will be judged by three judges, pulled from whoever is not participating in the challenge. We will be aiming for two dev judges and one judge who does not have developing experience, but is a gamer. Scores, comments, and constructive criticism will be posted after the challenge. Developers may opt out of this judging process. Games will not be pitted against each other. The scores and feedback are solely for the developer’s use to learn and improve.
– All achievements are optional, and the only effect on your score is that we’ll adjust the judging criteria for your game accordingly (e.g., if you successfully implement the Old School achievement, we won’t care about graphics quite as much compared to other games).
– Judging will be carried out across five areas: How well it matches the theme, the audio, the art, how polished it is (no bugs, attention to detail, etc.), and how much fun the player had with it overall. Not all areas have the same weight in judging, but I can tell you now that the game has to be fun above all else!
– Source code is not required to be shared, but if you CAN share it, you’re awesome.
– We reserve the right to add, change, or remove rules at any time to address issues that might pop up during the challenge.
– Good luck!