IGDA Columbus Chapter

We have recently been in touch with the international game developer’s association Columbus chapter.  In the future we see a lot more opportunities and events that will be available to both of our organizations and greatly look forward to collaborating with them.  In our recent contact, Ian and Neil (columbus chapter leaders) have let us know about an event they are putting on the weekend before fall classes start.  Read more about their organization and the event by clicking “continue reading.”

As for what the Columbus chapter does… well, not much at the moment. We have a large student population so we’re pretty slow over the Summer as well. Mostly we meet every few months or so just to discuss games, game development and the current game dev scene in Columbus. In our last meeting the people who went to GDC this year shared some things they learned from the more interesting sessions. Next meeting will probably be late September / early October; if you tell Neil to add you to the list, you’ll be notified by email when we have a definite date, time and location.
My short-term plans for the Chapter are to first become official again (get the “restructuring” status changed back to “active”) and unify the local game developers (there are actually a number of local studios and independents but everyone is fragmented so no one really knows who else is out there). I have some other longer-term plans, but need to get this stuff done first.
In related news, I’m running a Game Jam event (this is where participants work in small teams to make a complete game in a 24-hour period), a great opportunity for students to really dive in to game development. See www.ohiogamejam.org for what we did last year. This year’s Ohio Game Jam is in Columbus, just down King Ave a few blocks from campus. It will take place on the weekend of September 20-21, starting at 2pm on 9/20. Please let anyone know who would be interested, and have them RSVP to this email address (ai864@yahoo.com) for full details.