New Guys and Upcoming Events

Many of you have probably seen our announcements for open positions of treasurer and social coordinator.  Well, we have finally filled those positions.  Let’s all welcome our new treasurer, Jingwei and new social coordinator, Phillip.  This year with the help of Jingwei and Phillip we will be getting a lot more involved with social events and raising money so we can buy things we need to keep the club up to date with resources we need.  Some of these events will include lan parties and tournaments both exclusive to club members and large public events/fundraisers.

To start the year off right, this year I have signed us up for a table/booth at the student involvement fair.  We hope that anyone that can volunteer to help out manning the booth will let us know so we can break up the shifts to be a little more comfortable.  The fair will be held on the oval Monday September 22nd from 12:00pm (noon) to 4pm.  We’ll have more information on what we will have at the booth and where our specific location will be on the oval closer to the event.

Yet another development we are working on is becoming an official recognized game club by the igda (international game developer’s association – ).  If(when) recognized we will have more benefits such as being seen by all developer’s/studios who are also affiliated with igda (almost if not all major developers).  We will also have other benefits such as discounts on certain events (ex. GDC), access to a pool of speakers that we could ask to come to OSU to talk to us about the industry and developing games.  This aspect may be a great way to use our funds if we would need to fly a speaker out and provide a room and food for their stay.  I will keep everyone updated when we hear back from igda on our status.

There will be many more updates coming in the future.  This coming year should be a much more exciting one as our club grows more and more.

4 thoughts on “New Guys and Upcoming Events”

  1. Glad to hear we have some new blood. I am excited at the prospect of getting affiliated with igda. It’d be very cool to perhaps sponsor a presence at one of their events every year.

    For the booth, we should try and get a poster made, and if people want to sign up to volunteer we should make a little schedule, that way not one person is obligated to stay all day.

    We should do a loose meetup soon, and get some face time between everyone. Talk some shop and the like.

  2. yeah i definitely had the same idea with the poster/banner for the club… though jingwei has informed me that we probably would not be able to get funding through osu for the banner … but that we might have to use our own funds for now until we can apply for reimbursement or use any funds we get through fundraisers to reimburse. The other option i will look into is printing a poster in one of the computer art labs on campus…and im sure accad probably has a giant printer similar to the one the art department has on main campus. also yes that was the idea i had with the volunteers which brings up another point i might post this as a whole new post about there being funding opportunities via volunteering during welcome week such as the drop and run yard sale thing. and yes also i agree we should meet soon… what days and times and people available in the next 2 weeks?

  3. Sadly we don’t at ACCAD have such a printer. I do think the CSE dept. does. Though, I don’t know how to get access to it.

    I’d be up for some volunteer work if needed, if you could make a list of events or post a link that’d help.

    My days that’d be most free would have to be MWF during the afternoon.

  4. Hi everyone, I am a new member, and am looking forward to meeting everybody. I also wanted to invite everyone to a free video game convention on 9-13 just a few miles north of campus. Its being put on by the guys at ACEC.

    There are some tables not taken yet , so let the admin know if you would like to reserve one (free). I will be happy to represent the GCC . Let me know if you have any questions or want to hand out GCC flyers at the convention. Here is the link if you can make it …………

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