Next Meeting & Quick Update

7PM Wednesday Meeting: >>> McPherson room 2019

It is short notice, but we are having our next meeting this Wednesday evening starting at 7pm and ending at 8pm.  (Yes, the first time we are implementing a set ending time for our meetings…but not the last)  The location is still being selected but we will edit this post and update necessary event postings when we have the location.  Everyone should plan to attend this meeting unless you have a conflicting schedule.  In the event you cannot make this meeting, we will post all relevant information in our meeting logs as usual.

Website Updates:

Some of you might have noticed a slight change on our website…. We have changed our website navigation by rearranging and adding pages.  We will be soon adding drop-down menus for easier and quicker navigation.  Until then, all of the previous pages (about, members, meetings, etc) are still here and accessible.  They have just been moved as sub-pages of the main headings.  Every page that has sub-pages, will have those pages listed in the top of the far right sidebar.  These are only the beginning of a long list of upgrades to our website that we have planned.  The development of some of these upgrades will most likely be extended to anyone with the required experience and desire to help us out with them.

All other updates will have to wait until our meeting, or you will see more postings eventually both here on the main/news page and/or in the forums.  Please RSVP via this thread’s poll: WEDNESDAY MEETING