Online Meeting 8pm (Sun. June 1)

The meeting tonight will be online in the IRC channel at 8pm.  A lot of us are studying for exams and working on final projects.  Hopefully an online meeting will be easier for everyone.  If you have not used the IRC before, please see the resources page for tutorials, downloads, and irc channel information.

2 thoughts on “Online Meeting 8pm (Sun. June 1)”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight. I’ve been pretty sick since Friday night, and between resting and trying to do what studying I could, I missed that we were having a meeting. I’ll make sure to check the forums for anything I missed.

  2. its not a problem. We werent expecting everyone to be able to meet because of finals week. Yeah just check the forums/website for updates. We will hopefully be stepping up productivity coming up after finals.

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