Wednesday online meeting, tetris wrap up

Tonight we went over what is left on tetris as well as the possibilities for the next project.

The following still needs fixed/coded for tetris: score/line/level display, texturing the blocks, audio, background image distortion(it is currently shifted the right a few pixels)

Tasks for all programmers is to find a way to play audio files either using openAL or other methods. We hope someone can find this by wednesday night as we are having a wednesday online meeting at 8:00 p.m. We hope to see absolutely everyone online then. Please let us know if you will or will not be online at that time. We are also having a meeting again on Sunday at ACCAD, the time seems like it will be 630 as usual. From here on out we are requiring that everyone post in the forums in a topic created for upcoming meetings your plans on attending the next meeting. This will help us out so we know who will be showing up. We are also posting a poll in the topic “Next Project” in the forums. We hope everyone can post their ideas/thoughts on the next project and vote for which idea you would most like to be the next project.

Next meeting at ACCAD

We are having our next meeting at the usual 6:30 time on Sunday @ ACCAD.  This past meeting online was extremely successful.  The gameplay coding is ready and Jorge should be uploading a tetris temp executable for people to test.  The remaining code is audio, score, and the intro animations.  We are hoping to have a working testable game for this upcoming meeting.  Here is the thread for last meeting with the chat log: LINK

Sunday Meeting ONLINE

This Sunday’s meeting will be ONLINE at the usual 6:30 p.m. time.  We will expect everyone that can be on  AIM logged in as the screen name they gave us when you gave us your personal information.  We will then create a chat room and invite everyone sometime around 6:30 and carry out the meeting from there.  Hope to see everyone online