Problems Solved

There were two large problems:

  • User names with spaces in them weren’t working with bbpress
  • Registration emails were not being sent out

I’ve fixed both of those with new plug-ins, and so they should now both work. If you have any problems say so, or email

Bulletin Board

We now have a working BBS. It is integrated with this wordpress install, so you should have the same user name and passwords. I think that there is a plugin to facilitate single logons and if so I’ll have that working next week.

The link is on the top right of the header. Go, enjoy the forums. And email me, or post any problems.

Programming: Audio

I looked up an audio engine–I found OpenAL. I haven’t done any in depth study of it, but it’s cross-platform, and it looks like it will fit all of our needs for any project. When I have time I’ll look into it a little more. If anyone else is curious about it feel free to take a gander.

BBS and Minor Template Changes

I’ve made some changes to the template, Added:

  • Comment Number is now a link to the comments, don’t know why the template left this out
  • Added a member list to the right, but it is more for authors aka members w/ posts.
    • might add a post count to that and the categories
  • Made indentation on the categories work
    • need to have a little bullet or something made to graphically signal this

I have narrowed down the choices of a bulletin board system to either phpBB or bbpress. Both seem good, and bbpress is made by the wordpress creators, but both still will integrate with the wordpress blog. I was wondering if there was an opinion on which to use, if not I’ll make the coice and then implement the system.

Also the idea with this is to give new news, even if it is small news. So feel free to post anything new and of concern to the whole group. As soon as the BBS is in place, I think that it will serve all of the other things that need or would be discussed, such as:

  • New ideas
  • techniques
  • help on getting things to work
  • etc.