Next Week

It seems more and more content/ideas get added to the Tetris game, but now we have the chance to add music and sound to the game. So currently we need to finish the following:

  • Game Sounds
  • Gameplay
  • Background graphics
  • Text
  • Block textures
  • Opening animation

Next week’s meeting will be much earlier then usual because of new commercials that will be released on Sunday (oh and this other thing called the Super Bowl):

TIME: Sunday Feb. 3rd 4:00 pm

Hope to see you there.

We’re up and running

This is the new site for the Game Creation Club. It is a wordpress blog, that will be modified to tie in to the Subversion server, in that it will add your username and password to the list of accepted users.

There will be pages at the side (or top?) that will give more information. Soon too I think that I will have found a nice BBS, that will help with long term discussions.

Lemmie know what you think.