Reason for meetings and Tetris project repo is stale

This is the log info for the src directory in our repo. There have been no changes to it for almost a month? Since I was the last to change it, I know that it was last updated when we had our first meeting at ACCAD in the fishbowl. Can we get the most recent source in the repository please?

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Last Changed Author: goose
Last Changed Date: 2008-01-14 16:57 GMT
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I’ll be more than happy to teach the basics of how to use SVN and when/why to use the tool. I would like to have the few developers checking in designs and updates when the make them and I plan on making a second repository for the website. As it stands there has been a little activity in the group of late. I think that we should think about rethinking why we have meetings and perhaps make live meetings a way to teach new tools, and bring people in to show off what they have done that week. Instead of planning and talking about little things. That can be done on the bulletin board.

The more discussion, even if a little off topic, the better.