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PyWeek 7 is now in the judging stages

GCC had a presence in the second of the twice yearly python game programming competition.  Myself, Alfred, James, and Jane formed a team and completed our game with 1 min to spare earlier this evening.

You can check out our entry on the pyweek website. You can download a version of our software there, or get a tar.gz here. I am pretty excited about our chances for an award, but since it is peer reviewed, who knows.  We are though 1 in about 30 entrants, where those are split again by team awards vs. solo awards.

Next pyWeek is in March of 09.  We should get another group or two going for that next year.  Surprisingly enough, there is actually you can get done in python in a week.  The pygame libraries combined with pymunk proved to be a powerful combination.

We’ll keep you all posted, and  feel free to let us know how you like the game.

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