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Important Meeting This Sunday

We are definitely having a meeting this Sunday at the normal time (6:30pm…unless everyone wants and can decide on a new time).  This will be an extremely important meeting to attend.  We will be seeing where everyone is at in their parts of development on the game.  We also hope to have all the models ready to be implemented.  This should mean that all tank models are in a final state and ready for gameplay.  This will also mean that we will at least have partial maps/environments created.  It is hopeful that the maps/environments will be completely final, but we all know that these last weeks of the quarter are and will be extremely busy.  However I want to take the time to stress how important it is that everyone communicate and try their best to do the part they have said they would do.  Yes this is an extracurricular activity that is not manditory for a grade or anything.  However there are a lot of people depending on one another including you, dear reader.  If you cannot make progress on your part please let everyone know via the forums or other methods.  There are some of us that are communicating and getting their parts done and I want to thank you for doing this and also apologize for the slowness of the progress.  So I hope that everyone can come with a lot of things done so that we can get this game looking more like a playable game.  Good luck with your school and other work. – Jim