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First Meetings of Spring 08

There will be a meeting at ACCAD this coming Sunday @ 6:30. We WILL also be holding a wednesday online meeting @ 8:00pm to get a lead into the next meeting. We need to finish up Tetris (block textures…possibly windowing?), and then for sunday specifically we need to have ideas for the next project including aspects such as the gameplay, features, art/look, background/story, setting, style, etc. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, extravagant, and crazy. No idea is entirely stupid or impossible. There are always compromises and one not so great idea may spark an evolved awesome idea. So at this point we need to spill the creative pale in the toolbox and sort through them until we have things to move forward on. Some of you may also want to be thinking about how to structure the coding including variables, classes, functions, and more. This may be a bit ahead since this will depend on what the game will evolve into.

On another note: There are a lot of new things happening with GCC so it is important for everyone to be checking the forums and news for the latest info, as well as be making it to the meetings. New members, projects, associations, and more are in the works. We will give more details on this in the forums and at the meetings.

Wednesday Evening Event

Hey guys let’s all try to get on the IRC around 6 or 7pm to decide what were gonna do for tonight. Also there’s a thread in the forums about the event as well. I hope we can organize this for the best.

The meeting/event has been canceled. see the forums for details

Sunday Meeting ONLINE

This Sunday’s meeting will be ONLINE at the usual 6:30 p.m. time.  We will expect everyone that can be on  AIM logged in as the screen name they gave us when you gave us your personal information.  We will then create a chat room and invite everyone sometime around 6:30 and carry out the meeting from there.  Hope to see everyone online

We’re up and running

This is the new site for the Game Creation Club. It is a wordpress blog, that will be modified to tie in to the Subversion server, in that it will add your username and password to the list of accepted users.

There will be pages at the side (or top?) that will give more information. Soon too I think that I will have found a nice BBS, that will help with long term discussions.

Lemmie know what you think.