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Code Commit RSS feed now up

I’ve gotten a RSS feed linked up to our SVN repo, that will update the feed with out commits. This means that any commit messages you put will be public now, and I have also made it so they are displayed on this front page.

This is the link to the rss feed, and the title of the feed widget on the sidebar is also a link to the feed.

It still might have a few bugs to work out, but it is a nice tool to let you know when people make updates, and to what they made them.

Tetris files uploaded

Today I uploaded :

  • the updated tetris image files. There are several file formats for you to choose from.
  • template for the layout of the tetris game window so that whoever wants to make a theme can do so. However everything that you see in the file must stay exactly where it is and keep its shape/size except for the text and the gcc logo.
  • temp block files
  • intro flash animation tests

We’re up and running

This is the new site for the Game Creation Club. It is a wordpress blog, that will be modified to tie in to the Subversion server, in that it will add your username and password to the list of accepted users.

There will be pages at the side (or top?) that will give more information. Soon too I think that I will have found a nice BBS, that will help with long term discussions.

Lemmie know what you think.