Tetris Project : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Status: Complete ___________ DOWNLOAD

Date Started: Late Nov. 2007 … re-structured Mid Jan. 2008

Estimated Completion Time: Early Mar. 2008

Description: The first real project of GCC is a small remake of a classic, Tetris. Standard rules and features apply with entirely custom coding and graphics to add a new freshness to the game. This project was chosen to help bring the team together and get a game under our belts. The experience from this beginner project will be invaluable as the group moves on to larger projects.

Timeline: The first concept was for a regular playing Tetris game in a 3-d environment using 3-d blocks and environment using Ogre-3d. Member availability moved the game to 2-d using openGL. With the addition of audio talent we are now adding audio to the game as well.

Tetris Thread

Tetris 2-d screenshot


Jorge Doig: graphics, Dan Thomas: game mechanics, Morgan Goose: , Devin Weise: , Mark Geise: , Eddie Yee: ,


Jim Pickett: graphics/visuals, David Francus: Audio composition