What’s Up With The GCC?

First post up here on the front page… feels awesome 😛

As Wei said yesterday, I’m the new GCC President. I haven’t really sent out any emails or anything yet (I’m deciding if I should go with newsletters monthly or every other week or what have you) or made any front page posts yet. And I’m quite surprised I haven’t, because there’s a lot that’s been going on and a lot I want to do with the club. I’ll start from late January.

– Meetings: The meetings from mid-January onwards have been devoted to making GCC games revolving around a random theme: Scary Doors. We split into two groups, one led by me, the other by David Alton and Wei. The finish date was supposed to be this Friday, but it’s clear that won’t happen. My group, coming out with a platforming game, is coming along, but still needs everything to come together. I hear that Wei’s group is starting to wrap up on their game, which looks like a beat-em-up. The projects will likely go on for the rest of the quarter. Expect details on what comes after later. Meetings are on Tuesdays and Fridays, both in Hopkins 354 at 6:30 PM.

– Global Game Jam: The Global Game Jam took place the last week of January. A group comprised of me, Wei, David Straily, Brad, and Jim as well as Aaron Davis from outside the club worked on an action game called Kraken Skullz, where you control a Kraken out to destroy a sizable chuck of mankind (the Jam theme was ‘extinction’. I will probably never forget the evil grin Wei had on his face after he heard that theme for the first time). Skullz weren’t the only things broken however – the game can be finished, but is wildly unreliable, buggy, and in need of polish. For a game made in 48 hours, though, we did good. I am still interested in fixing up this game (we made a list of things to work on, which can be found in the forums), and it seems like the only way we can get together and work may be to organize a ‘team reunion’ outside the meetings, reserved for Scary Doors work until further notice. If that doesn’t work out, then this will get first priority after Scary Doors.

– And now we fast forward a bit: I started creating a GCC starting guide. Full details are in the forums, because I don’t want to make this post much longer than it already is, but I want the guide to be an important resource for new club members, with recommendations on how to get started and with what for their chosen area of game-making. I will be going around and ‘interviewing’ club members for the guide soon, but the guide got put on the back shelf because of this next thing we did:

– The 3rd Newgrounds Game Jam. Held last weekend, I had known about this Jam for a while, and was interested in building a GCC team for it, but the organizer surprised everybody by holding it a week ahead of schedule, and announcing THAT only four days before the fact. Our team for the Jam, then, consisted solely of me and Wei. We built Monkey Lab Tycoon, a simulation game (think SimCity) where you raise monkeys to do scientific research, with the ultimate goal of curing cancer. The themes were randomly generated for each team, with ours being ‘Cities Studying Tiny Monkeys’. This jam was 72 hours, taking place on Friday among classes and work and stuff, so we didn’t actually have that full 72 hours. The game is up on Newgrounds, but not in good condition. Me and Wei are both interested in at least fixing it up (and I’m adding a bit more on top of that). So expect that soon.

– General website stuff. Which brings us to today. I talked with Jim a bit, and I’m going to start giving the website a little clean-up. There are several pages that are either broken, completely useless, or haven’t been updated in at least a year. I’m going to go through all of that and do what needs to be done.

– Zombie Football Carnage giveaway – Our Twitter (http://twitter.com/GCC_OSU) won a random drawing by Milkstone Studios to celebrate their having 500 followers. We won a promo code of their recent Xbox LIVE indie game Zombie Football Carnage, and we’re giving it away! To enter the drawing, go to our facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=57604670061), and simply like the relevant post.

And in closing, sorry for the long post. As some can attest, I do that a lot. 🙂