Wednesday online meeting, tetris wrap up

Tonight we went over what is left on tetris as well as the possibilities for the next project.

The following still needs fixed/coded for tetris: score/line/level display, texturing the blocks, audio, background image distortion(it is currently shifted the right a few pixels)

Tasks for all programmers is to find a way to play audio files either using openAL or other methods. We hope someone can find this by wednesday night as we are having a wednesday online meeting at 8:00 p.m. We hope to see absolutely everyone online then. Please let us know if you will or will not be online at that time. We are also having a meeting again on Sunday at ACCAD, the time seems like it will be 630 as usual. From here on out we are requiring that everyone post in the forums in a topic created for upcoming meetings your plans on attending the next meeting. This will help us out so we know who will be showing up. We are also posting a poll in the topic “Next Project” in the forums. We hope everyone can post their ideas/thoughts on the next project and vote for which idea you would most like to be the next project.